Friday, November 5, 2010

15th Ward Results from 11/2 Election

Attached are the 15th Ward unofficial election results (click on a picture to blow it up larger).

Our overall voter turnout in the 15th Ward was 50.08% compared to city wide of 48.52%

Here's how we compared to the city wide numbers on key races:
Robin Carnahan - 80.53% to city's 79.12%
Susan Montee - 81.62% to city's 80.68%
Russ Carnahan - 79.87% to city's 66.62%
Prop A - 74.64% No to city's 68.16%
Prop B - 80.56% Yes to city's 78.39%
Prop L - 71.77% Yes to city's 68.92%

So we did better than the city overall on all of these (and obviously better than the state overall). Again, many thanks to all of you for your hard work for these candidates and issues!